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trying a selfhosted instance of mastodon!

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They know what you clicked last summer. #Google #Facebook Better switch to privacy-friendly services, there are some recommendations to start with:

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"Whonix is losing their antifacist supporters"
...what a weird thread

apparently calling fascists "fascists", is as bad as being fascist.
At least one person claims so.

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There's a new F-Droid client release candidate (v1.9). If you want to test this, you can update to it manually from the F-Droid client. (Browse to the app, expand the version list and install the 1.9 version, make sure your repository index is up-to-date beforehand)

Please report any issue you find.

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It is not important to me which #Linux distro someone is using. I am celebrating that you are using GNU/Linux. 🤗 At the end of the day, we're all using the same software and the same kernel.🤔😇 :copyleft: :tux: #Fosslove

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Are you covering your face these days? Don't forget to cover your webcam! #Hygiene is for computers, too. ;)

#cybersecurity #privacy

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Hint: I don't expect everyone to become admins. But we live in a day and age, where you have 3 options:

1. You go around and buy privacy respecting services and hope they are as good as their marketing.
2. You ask a friend or family member who is a sysadmin to host stuff for you.
3. You take it in your own hands. Start slow, learn over time. It's like gardening. Automate what you do regularly, to the stuff you do once by hand. But try to understand what you are doing.

Enjoy your time!

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Heya everyone!

I believe 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) is a useful feature since passwords are what some people love to play with. Wiki:

That's why I'll tell you a #foss 2FA app I think you'll like!

Features: Panic trigger, Block accessibility services, OpenPGP encryption.

If your on :apple_inc: , I recommend Tofu ( )

I hoped you maybe learned something and Stay Safe!


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Massive shoutout to Techlore (of and YouTube fame) for sponsoring PrivacyTools 🎉 😄

As an aside, we've just reworked our sponsorship program starting at $10. If you enjoy what we do at PrivacyTools, please consider supporting us and our endeavors! Check it out at

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DuckDuckGo burned a truckload of goodwill with me today

Their DDG-branded web browser for Android has a feature which [it doesn't matter what it does by design], but as a side effect it sends every URL you visited to DuckDuckGo's servers. That is the single worst thing they could do as a "privacy" focused web browser.

When this was pointed out to them, they doubled down. For a year. It took an HN front page (in the comments section they doubled down *again*) and 10 hours of arguing with them before the CEO stepped in and agreed to remove the feature.

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should have my website show a message if you _don’t_ have an adblocker installed recommending that you get one

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A trusty password manager could be pretty helpful.

Below I'm introducing Keepass, a #foss password manager!

Features : Offers AES256 cipher with SHA256 hash auth, Plugins, .

Note: The official version is only for Windows. But there are forks for almost all Operating systems.


:windows: , :android: , :apple_inc: , :linux: , Sailfish OS , Web , Chromebook , Palm OS ,

Hope you enjoyed and
Stay Safe!


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Yikes, a scary email phishing attempt for this person’s GitHub credentials. Shows how using a browser web extension for your password manager can help detect this by its autofilling.


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Exodus Privacy + F-Droid = ❤️

[EN] New feature for εxodus! You can now scan apps from the @fdroidorg store:
As usual, do not hesitate to report any bugs you may find:

[FR] Une nouvelle fonctionnalité pour εxodus : vous pouvez analyser les applications issues de F-Droid sur !
N'hésitez pas à nous remonter les bugs :)

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Hey Apple,

Saying you block trackers but not blocking Google Analytics is like saying you practice safe sex when you cut off the heads of your condoms.

A guy who makes an app that actually blocks trackers

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I'm taking @sir 's advice and switching from Protonmail to Migadu.

I was a paying customer of Protonmail but they've dropped the ball in many places. SMTP/IMAP support was the first (and the bridge was only for paying customers until recently!), no scheduled messages the second, and realizing the broken security model (even before Drew's post) the third, and I'm sure others could list other reasons.

While I don't think Protonmail is spying on emails, their system is broken.

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While I saw my parents do their absolute best in raising their kids, part of coming from a working class family is having to figure out a lot on your own.

You can't go to your parents for academic advice, they've never been to uni. Career advice is based on a labour market that doesn't exist anymore. Investment advice? “Just marry rich.”

Figuring this stuff out on your own is a tiring adventure. And yes these are privileged issues to have to think about. But still, they're there.

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@Horizon_Innovations @privacybrowser I don't know of any. Patreon is compromised by #CloudFlare, bountysource is on #Google Cloud and relies on a ton of #javascript some of which is from CF, and it's #Paypal-only (so private data shared w/600 corps- see I forgot the other competitor but it's also CF'd.

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